The lemon :: Production

In addition to an unforgettable blue sea, the Amalfi coast also features a beautiful "yellow" sea: the famous terraced gardens.

there are about 400 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of the sfusato lemon which produce approx. 100.000 tons of annual harvest, with no use of innovative technology. The Protected Geographical Indication contributed both to the enhancement of this precious citrus and to the hydrogeology protection of this area.

In 2005 there were 280 agricultural businesses involved in the cultivation of the "sfusato" lemon (approx. 120 hectares of subscribed lemon groves).

In the same year, the certified production of Limone Costa d'Amafi IGP was 193 tons of fresh lemons.

The production of limoncello certified by Is.Me.Cert. for 2005 was approx. 56.600 bottles.