The yellow that stands out

The "sfusato" lemon is the most genuine testimonial of the Amalfi coast. Under a thick light yellow peel, beats a tender flesh. A sweet and juicy soul in a land to discover.

The intense and exciting smell evokes the emotions, magic and colors of the Divine coast. A superb fruit, also appreciated abroad. The "sfusato" lemon is the most famous inhabitant of the Amalfi coast.

It is the best ambassador of a land rightly considered by UNESCO World Heritage site for its art and history. A fruit that has a positive and cheerful character, like the locals. The "sfusato" lemon: the most original and suggestive postcard from the Amalfi coast.

Distinguished features: intense smell; streamlined shape; juicy flesh; seeds almost absent. Rich in vitamin C and essential oils. Delicious if enjoyed uncooked, ideal for the preparation of fresh recipes.