The City

The city gave rise to Amalfi and Ravello, forming the core of the glorious Republic (year 839). It was a fortified city with two castles, one on the mountain, and one overlooking the sea (Scala Maior and Scalella or Scala Minor) connected by a wall with numerous towers that surrounded the settlement and descended to the first houses of Amalfi.

After being burned by Roberto il Guiscardo (year 1073), it recovered but was looted and almost destroyed by the Pisans (1135-37).

It preserves signs of its ancient importance: the ruins of fortifications, the ruined basilica of S. Eustachio, the cathedral, various Romanesque and Byzantine churches, and some noble palaces.

It is the birthplace of Fra' Gerardo Sasso, the founder of the Order of the Spedalieri or of St. John, which later became the Order of the Knights of Malta.

Among its agricultural products, the now famous "chestnuts" stand out.

How to Reach Scala

Highway A3, exit Angri at km. 23, continue along provincial road no. 1 (Valico di Chiunzi).

The Municipality can also be reached by public bus services.

Slices of Culture and Nature in Scala

  • Tower dello Ziro
  • Ruins of the fortifications of Castrum Scalellae (Monte di Pontone)
  • Noble House (Arab Bath)
  • Roman House
  • Palazzo De Saxo
  • Bishop's Palace
  • Palazzo Mansi - D'Amelio
  • Former Monastery of San Cataldo
  • Ruins of the Basilica of Sant'Eustachio
  • Cathedral of San Lorenzo
  • Church of the SS. Annunziata di Minuta
  • Church of San Filippo Neri
  • Cave of Sant'Alfonso
  • Oriented Nature Reserve Valle delle Ferriere
  • Cave and karst cavities