Production Areas


Production Areas

The light yellow of the "sfusato amalfitano" is a distinctive trait that brightens up the Amalfi Coast. This vibrant color is omnipresent in the towns of the Coast, from Amalfi to Positano, from Ravello to Vietri sul Mare, becoming a cultural and scenic symbol.

In every city, the "sfusato" lemon is not just a fruit but a living testament to the rich history and tradition of this land.

Each location along the coast celebrates this citrus fruit in its own way. In Amalfi, the lemon blends with the blue of the sea, while in Positano and Praiano, it illuminates the streets and gardens.

In Ravello and Scala, the "sfusato" lemon enriches the mountain landscape, offering a unique chromatic contrast. In every corner of this region, the yellow of the "sfusato" lemon is not just a color but an integral part of daily life, gastronomy, and culture.

In summary, the "sfusato" lemon is more than just a fruit for the Amalfi Coast: it is an icon that binds together the culture, tradition, and natural beauty of this enchanting corner of Italy.