The ideal backdrop to promote and enhance the "sfusato" lemon? Its very place of origin. The legendary citrus fruit will play at home, making itself known in the enchanting places where it is produced through the Lemon Tour, an internationally acclaimed event organized by the Consortium.

A tour through thirteen municipalities of the Amalfi Coast where representatives of the Protection Consortium and/or Associations of producers and companies involved in marketing and processing can delve into the distinctive characteristics of Limone Costa d'Amalfi PGI, highlighting its unique qualities and organoleptic chemical properties for the audience.

The Lemon Tour is not just a tasting opportunity but a cultural journey that winds through the fascinating streets of the Amalfi Coast. Each stop on the tour is a window into the history and traditions of lemon cultivation in these places. By participating in the tour, visitors can interact directly with the producers, learning about ancient methods and modern innovations in the cultivation of Limone Costa d'Amalfi PGI.